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Charles Vallee
@realDonaldTrump So, nothing to do with the GOP States refusal to extend Medicaid, or your refusal to make the support copay? Liar.
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Kaan Doğan
@Alt_coin_TR C şıkkı. Ama Copay'de tutuyorum ben. Private Key'im var. Open Source güvenli bir cüzdan. Ledger kullan… twitter.com/i/web/status/9…

私の周りも「wallet is locked」になって使えません〜

github.com/bitpay/copay/i… pic.twitter.com/hLV4jLghdr
American Cancer Society helps pay copays. It’s about 3500 copay per wk for chemo treatments.
b blume
Comments needed: Protect access to no copay contraception bit.ly/2hBy4kS #HandsOffMyBC #ProtectOurCare via @CREDOMobile
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Nessie Buns?
I'm even paying a COPAY for this shit. I swear if they just do a trivial check up on me and tell me to come back later, Imma fight someone
なんでだーー! pic.twitter.com/kbfUyLFy1U
i am afraid copay of insurance may be high for ER, hospital stay
詳細は下記のリンクよりご覧ください ビットコインウォレット「Copay(コペイ)」の使い方 wp.me/p8dZae-hp #bitcoin
@OptumRx prohibits pharmacists from telling customers a copay is more expensive than a drug's cash price? nbcnews.com/health/health-… #warriors

Alaina Stamatis
There's no such thing as dental insurance. If you need work done
Still can't believe I'm getting an MRI tomorrow and don't have a copay
wizard hazard
my insurance does not provide any way to predict what my copay is going to be so that's just.....how that is i guess
Insurance mqkes my heqd spin. Whats copay whqts deductible whatspremium
My microcosm example of this was an $80 copay for an office visit where my doctor told me to order something off am… twitter.com/i/web/status/9…
DK Seattle
@Joseph_Palmer It was cheaper for me & healthier to have old plan with caps .. where I paid $50 copay to see doctor & had cap on labs
Grade A .
So when you turn 26 you’re an adult and you can no longer be covered by your parents insurance.So now my Kaiser coPay is 35. It used to be 0
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@SpikeReeds Up to $30 my son copay for his autism screening is taken care of bless God bro
@riotwomennn Is it a copay if its covered? These idiots have no idea what they’re arguing about.
T.E Lawrence
"What do you mean i have a copay? I thought Obamacare pays for that" BITCH WHAT pic.twitter.com/KARi5GCJyK
Lunageist Lindsey
@inchoaterica Yep. I had to pay cash for a small emergency surgery in Iceland & it was cheaper than my copay in US would've been.
c u shiver w antici-
My insurance covers my copay. Imagine how much more I'd have to rattle the tip cup if I had to pay a copay for these half a dozen visits
@erinscafe I rarely went with a $20 copay, now it's either $40 or $60. I irrationally avoid the doctor. Knowing I'm… twitter.com/i/web/status/9…
Ashley Owens
More than ready to see my doctor and know what my next steps are. After all the pill cocktails and procedures plus copay costs, I need hope
Pete Moore
spooky sneed
When the copay over $20. Yea I’m not that sick pic.twitter.com/Cux7RE7zvf
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Sarah Haag
@paintoolkit2 @PeteOSullivanPT Heard tonight that a PT copay for one person was $50/visit. The opioid copay? $0. A… twitter.com/i/web/status/9…
Ed Briscoe
$1200 copay for 30 pills. One a day. Time to try a different system America. #healthcosts
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Sherri White
@realDonaldTrump I pay 40% of my med bill after copay. ER is 400, specialists are 80, Dr visit 45. All on top of m… twitter.com/i/web/status/9…
I have good insurance and my copay for one is $45 each and that is a generic one. In Thailand a name brand one is $… twitter.com/i/web/status/9…
@sarahkliff facility fee counts towards deductible so copay+fee on top of monthly insurance cost. I called and called about it.
@realDonaldTrump Tort Reform, Medicaid reform w minimum premiums/copay, Illegal immigrant ER reform

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Melinda Ramos
@LisPower1 copay motivator 2 sty healthy? If I have asthma I have 2 visit a doc 4 an inhaler. Is a copay going 2 change my diagnosis?
Daeker Kat
so today i got 3 months worth of free meds, plus i didnt have to pay my copay! wow #blessed lol
hope / future
yesterday he didn't have to work but dad picked his son up can't understand why he couldn't pick his son up know there is a healthy copay
Eli Perencevich
@medicalaxioms Son broke collarbone while we were in Australia. Cash cost for urgent care, X-ray and sling, $75 USD… twitter.com/i/web/status/9…
@pcmanet @JoyMRyan Damage control, watch the news and study my algebra equation explaining PBM model Copay = Pharma… twitter.com/i/web/status/9…
Rachael Joy Jones
OMG, my family of 6 still makes less than $61,500!!! I pay for insurance through my employer @ 7% of income on prem… twitter.com/i/web/status/9…
but more importantly, i do not want to pay this $211 copay when i've already met my individual deductible pic.twitter.com/qolO1o6yKh
Jack Thackrah
Behind The Curtain
And don’t forget in many cases, when copay coupon is used; the rebate is negated in contract. This might be a reb… twitter.com/i/web/status/9…
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Markeisha J Miner
Jesus gave free health care wherever he went, didn't charge a copay, or ask about preexisting conditions. -Dr. Barber #PoorPeoplesCampaign
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Joseph Perdue
Jesus never charged a copay or asked about preexisting conditions. It's about cash, not Christ #poorpeoplescampaign #unitethepoor
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Joshua Morrow
Gordon Haywards foot pointing the wrong way really took the fun out of booing Kyrie. #TNT #nba #cavs #copay
sarah~ 세라~
Dupixent= $3000/month :( i dun want to ask my parents to pay (insurance covers it but copay might exist) but it's like my only hope
@ArieFriedman @FeliciaEntwistl felthere is no insurance company that lets you buy a gun for a $10 or (fill in your copay amount) copay.
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Winter Tashlin
@ammre How'd you get set up with the copay card? I'm spending $80 a month
@pacelattin I was just having this convo with a couple from Germany...no difference in wait times there either. Drug copay=$5.
PrEP/truvada was $150 after insurance for 3 month supply. Their manufacturer has a copay card that pays for your copay. It cost me 0.
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J. Anne
Just Josh
@SociallySherri Crazy part is, that copay goes to US not THEM, but they can and will void our contract if they audi… twitter.com/i/web/status/9…
Just Josh
@SociallySherri They also have contracted regulations stating that WE HAVE 2 demand ur copay even if you don't have the $10-50.
$150 was copay. Thankfully our plan is not under Obamacare guidelines since it is an international policy. We paid… twitter.com/i/web/status/9…
Kristyn Royster
@TheCaroLove @Louella_Reese My dermatologist! It was a $40 copay, but no additional cost for the screening. Totally… twitter.com/i/web/status/9…
I pay way too much for health insurance for it to not cover mental health services and for it to charge a huge copay for women's healthcare.
@ABCPolitics It is Trump care now and any increase in premium or copay or deductible or it's failure is your fault only!
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CA gov signs bill that bans drug companies from giving coupons for brand-name drugs when a generic is available fiercepharma.com/regulatory/cop…
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A scam business; pay mo prems + large deductible + copay - total paid deduct/PROFIT= ins cov paid. Single payer: pa… twitter.com/i/web/status/9…
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@SteveRattner I had insurance before ACA all it did was raise my deductible, my copay and my portion of the cost if I do meet my deductible
@JacobAWohl @realDonaldTrump Helped my daughter after turning 27!! $50/mo., $0.00 copay for primary care visit & $1… twitter.com/i/web/status/9…
Alan Bradburne
@lunalindsey @IamJadehawk @ezraklein No, it’s cost to individual. Have copay system (u pay 10-30%) but I believe pr… twitter.com/i/web/status/9…
Tutti Fongul
@SaintRPh Yeah I've had cheap prescriptions in the past that were less than copay and was always charged the lower price...
Kristyn Royster
@MagnoliaStripes Yes mam! My Dermatologist is awesome. It’s super easy. Only costs a small copay, and totally worth the peace of mind
rhiannon of rivia
also my insurance covered everything but my $150 copay so I’m literally crying bc this fucking bump on my head that won’t go away cost a lot
Nicole Castillo
@jamaicatouch u can personally feed & clothe them, bc middle class cannot do this. half our income goes to taxes an… twitter.com/i/web/status/9…
@realDonaldTrump Take credit where credit is due DONNIE! U said U would end ACA 1 way or another. UR ending pymts 2… twitter.com/i/web/status/9…
Michelle O'Farish
shelly fluchel
@Cristina_MarieW Urgent care is usually same copay as dr office... different set of eyes to check them out also
scott koehler
@julietemmer @JacobAWohl @realDonaldTrump As a worker my insurance weekly contribution doubled my copay tripled as did my deductible.
scott koehler
Kellogg School
Drug coupons “raise prices infinitely without reducing demand,” and let insurance companies foot the extra bill. kell.gg/KIOCT4A
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@GOP Statin copay lowering= handout to pharma b/c they all produce statins and DR's push them on people...
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#badcops struggling Double Whammy need help with copay premiums thanks ow.ly/MBU030by7r5 pic.twitter.com/DPV7UZvLhW
#badcops struggling Double Whammy need help with copay premiums thanks ow.ly/MBU030by7r5 pic.twitter.com/2U4yca0EY1
#badcops struggling Double Whammy need help with copay premiums thanks ow.ly/MBU030by7r5 pic.twitter.com/Vy1boDwpTY
Zackary Berger, MD
I'm not wild about the line "higher copay ffor opioids, lower copay for statins" from that GOP one-pager. I know just an example. But ick
You know you're an adult when you get excited because your copay went from 50 to 35
Howdie Molton
@Davesmama There are no copay options but it's $1000 out of pocket and the rest is paid. Still learning.
Freelancers Union
Can you tell your copay from your deductible? Check out our health insurance glossary here (for members): freelancersunion.org/resources/r/gl…
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Frank Dougherty
@SenateGOP Medicare 4 All. Premiums, copay, and deductibles lowered by a progressive tax, employers’ tax and other funding. It's Moral
We won’t stop making noise until we make it loud and clear to the WH: we can’t afford to lose copay-free BC. keepbcfree.com/comment.html
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Frank Dougherty
Medicare 4 all. Premiums, copay, and deductibles lowered by a progressive tax, employers’ tax and other funding.
Frank Dougherty
Medicare for all. Premiums, copay, and deductibles lowered by a progressive tax, employers’ tax and other funding.
The Real Embryo Fil
@Paul197 @Micahtastrophe @JustJen64 Aca is based on low premiums and copay where you can keep your Dr. And be accep… twitter.com/i/web/status/9…
Frank Dougherty
Medicare now for all. Premiums, copay, and deductibles lowered by a progressive tax, employers’ tax and other funding. Single payer
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